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Welcome to the world of Scotty (Teresa Turley) and Keith Hofer. These pages are all creations of Keith and Scotty (but not necessarily all of their sites).


Keith's Views of ....
Scotty's Views of .... too



Katherine's House Bed and Breakfast
Dave Tek
Uncle Waynes
Mammoth Chimney Sweep Company
Valley View Golf Club
Oakland Hall
WhiteHorse Inn
1849 Condos
The Mogul Restaraunt
The Ski Surgeon
Doctor Golf
Shinsetsu Ten Dojo
Anti-Aging Specialist
Sierra Spirit Flower Essences
Everyman's LAW


Views of the Great Outdoors

Views of Yosemite
Views of Mammoth
3rd Class Adventures
Cow Thingies
Chicken Pickens


Kristy's Photo Album
Toadie Stuff
Adam & Joelle and Caleb


Powder Hawg Heaven
B&BnBB (Beth & Brian's Home Page)
Robert's ride
Martin and Maria
Tammy and Dave
Carrie and Donnie

some of the other places we call home

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