1 September 1998
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I thought you might like to look at some of my photos. And since this is really all about us, the Family and friends and the Andrew (he is really family but he thinks he is special) albums will let you see some of us at work (?) and play in the Mammoth area in the Eastern Sierra, over Tioga Pass and through Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley with Half Dome and the Giant Sequoias.

... I give up ... look at the lists below.


The Miscellaneous Stuff

Est. May 1995
changed 1 September 1998

Keith's Views of ....
Est. 5 September 1996
changed 1 September 1998

Scotty's Views of ....

28 June 98


The Photo Tours

Keith & Scotty's Views of Yosemite
Est. May 1995
15 April 1998

Scotty & Keith's Views of Mammoth
Est. 21 November 1996
1 April 1998

Scotty & Keith's 3rd Class Adventures
Est. 30 January 1998
27 August 1998

Cow Thingies
Est. 1 June 1997
11 May 1998


Family and Friends

Kristy Kristy's Photo Album
Steve does Half Dome!

24 June 98

Frog Toadie Stuff

24 June 98

28 June 98

Shinsetsu Ten Shinsetsu Ten Dojo
Tahoe Tournament yields trophy

11 June 98

Adam & Joelle and Caleb
Est. 19 February 98
18 April 98

Powder Hawg Heaven
Est. 20 May 97
9 May 98

B & B n BB
The Hoferths
Beth & Brian and BB
B&BnBB (Beth & Brian's Home Page)
Est. 24 September 97
24 May 98

Robert's ride
Est. 21 November 96
16 January 98


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