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Scotty -n- Keith
August 15, 1955 to February 2, 2000
She is at peace now.

"my guess is that once something enters cyberspace, all time and space as we know it cease to exist. i am trying to stuff as much of my life out there as i can in the hopes that it will go on forever.", k

Pippin and Mandy's Parrot Pages
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My favorite sites (among my sites, of course)

Yosemite Yosemite Photo Tour
Yosemite National Park from one end to the other
Cow Thingies
just too bizarre
Cow Thingies
3rd Class Adventures 3rd Class Adventures
i recommend Cathedral Lakes
this isnt mine but i thought it was so great (read bizarre ;^). this is a audio wav file and, if everything is set up correctly, you should just click on this link and your audio player should start playing the sound file thru your speakers. make sure that you have them turned on (the speakers, that is). if you are easily offended, dont listen. thanks dan.
Smile Kitty



Yosemite Valley - 8 July 99

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Keith & Scotty's Views of Yosemite Photo Tour

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Webfoot's Image Award for Excellence in Outdoor Photography


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